Retina Jewelry: exhibitions

Visit us at one of our exhibitions to get a closer look what the retina principle is all about and if there’s no long queue, get your retina images taken right away for free!

Test for yourself which  precious metal is the one the fits you best and order your design visualization right away.

After a few days you get your personal 3D-computer-visualisation and can check all the details before you place a definitive order!

Once per year we invite our customers to the Orangerie in Sarasinpark/Riehen to a Apero riche. Check out our latest pieces of our collection, try them on, get a brief consultation (depending on time) or simply enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and have a glass of wine with us. We always love to hear from you, your experiences, stories and have a good chat.

Provided the weather permits, we place tables outside so you can profit maximally of the beautiful environment in the park!

International Exhibitions



autumn 2023:

private exhibitions in Abu Dhabi / Dubai, only upon prior registration.

Retina-Jewelry Exhibition in Abu Dhabi October 2019

RetinaJewelry exhibiting in Abu Dhabi, presenting to committee