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If you are interested in a piece of Retina®Jewelry, we need an image of your retina (or of the person you want the retina pattern to be used). Ophthalmologists do acquire such images and many well-equipped optometrists/opticians. Contact us and we will help you find someone nearby, who can take these images so you can send them to us by email. The procedure using a special camera takes just a minute, is non-invasive and painless.



If you are interested in a Retina™Ring, we need to know your exact ring size. Any serious jeweler will do the sizing for you free of charge, however here is our advice:

It is advisable to measure ring sizes with rings of the same or similar width as the future ring is intended to be. Later resizings due to incorrect measurements are possible, however in case of doubt between 2 sizes it is advisable to choose the smaller one as it is by far easier to increase a RetinaRing than to decrease its size.

Popular ring widths for ladies’ rings vary normally between 6-8mm, for men’s rings between 7-10mm. The wider a ring, the better the retina pattern is visible.

Ring thickness:Our standard thicknesses are 1.8 mm and 2.0 mm. Diamonds of a diameter up to 2.0mm can be incorporated here. 1.6mm is the thinnest we recommend and is the lightest and therefore cheapest. Only 1.0 mm diamonds can be incorporated here. A ring thickness of 2.3mm is recommended for diamonds larger than 2.0mm.

Ring Size Measurement


Gold (18 karat) is guaranteed to be non-corrosive (no tarnishing, as it is possible with silver or 14 carat gold). For 18kt white gold, the only possible color change is when the optional rhodium-plating wears off (but can be renewed, as for silver).

gold nuggets

Platinum is the rarest, heaviest, most precious metal. It is used in 95% purity and is ca. 30% more dense and therefore much heavier as compared to gold. It will never change its color and is as light in color as rhodium-plated white gold. It is very robust and therefore the most popular precious metal next to 18 karat gold, with red gold experiencing a very high demand during the last 3 years, due to its attractive warm red color.

platinum nuggets

Silver is light both in color and weight, can tarnish and due to its softness gets scratches faster than gold or platinum. It is possible to rhodium-plate silver which protects it from tarnishing and makes it look more like white gold, however as this is a galvanic surface coating, it can disappear over time due to mechanical abrasion, but can be renewed (cost: ca. 40€).

Especially rings are more prone to mechanical abrasion, so we would like to point out that on silver, due to its softness, you might see scratches and marks sooner than on all other harder precious metals.


silver bar



Once we have obtained the retina image of the person of which the Retina™Jewelry shall be designed of, our designers will prepare the photorealistic design proposal, which takes usually a couple of days to send back to you. For rings we usually take 1 section of both eyes. Pendants usually contain a region around the optic plate of 1 eye. You can select whichever you prefer but we will always be happy to guide you through the process and give advice.

Cuff links and earrings usually are made of 1 eye each.

After receiving your personalized Retina™Jewelry package by email (detailed offer, documentation of design process, picture and video-animation), feel free to ask for changes to be done to the design so it fits your wishes. If you confirm the design, we will start the production once your deposit has arrived by bank transfer.


RetainRing DesignProcess



For payments we prefer bank transfer (SEPA account in € or CHF). Credit card payments are possible by Payment link via VISA or MasterCard.

Should you for any reason decide not to proceed with the order process AFTER receiving the individual design package, the amount of 150€ are charged for the time invested for the design customization. The design proposal however can of course be changed according to your wishes if our first proposal does not yet meet your wishes. Two changes are free of charge and in 99% of all cases, our design proposals are confirmed within this range. More time-consuming wishes will be charged according to time investment.




When your unique piece of Retina™Jewelry is ready for shipping, we will contact you again to make sure you are ready to receive the parcel as it is being shipped by insured international courier (e.g.UPS) and you have to sign for it.

Delivery mail man giving parcel box to recipient, Young man signing receipt of delivery package from post shipment courier at home.