The RetinaCollection

The most personal jewelry in the world:

The RetinaCollection

Our RetinaCollection is not only a complementation to your existent RetinaRing.

Each piece of RetinaJewelry stands for itself as a symbol of direct emotional connection to your favorite person.


Retina Siegelring 950 Platin

Beard Pearl

bartperle Retina Silber

Our RetinaCollection is comprised of:


Pendants,  round or irregular: diameters 10 / 17 / 28 / 35 mm

Creoles 4.5 – 8 mm wide

Studs, round or irregular: diameters 8 / 10 / 12 mm

Cuff links, rund 15 mm

Bracelets, 12 mm wide

Signet rings, upon individual wishes

beard pearls

Let us know if you have special wishes or ideas, we will put together an individual offer for you.