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Retina-cuff links – jewelry you can identify yourself with

Retina-Cuff Links with the retina of your loved one – a really special gift


Wear your family always with you- visible for others but encoded. Whoever doesn’t know the background will see just a beautiful cuff link with an interesting organic pattern.

Retina®-cuff links contain an emotional component with which the wearer can identify himself, which is a feature that makes this piece of jewelry stand out from the mass and clearly places it far off the mainstream.

Perfect also for presents: Have your own retina imprinted on your husband’s/partner’s cuff links. Watch  how he reacts upon finding out about the nature of this beautiful organic pattern. We guarantee a unique experience!


  • retina-manschetten-individuell-schweizer-handarbeit-750rotgold-platin
    Retina-Manschettenknöpfe in 18 karat Rotgold und Platin, 14 mm

Retina-Cuff Links as a way to express your individuality


Retina®-cuff links come in various sizes and precious metals: Gold (yellow, white, red), platinum or silver. As depicted in 2 examples here, a pair of cuff links can consist of 2 different colors as well (platinum: wife / gold: child).

Each design will be individually designed for you and a photorealistic video animation will be presented to you before you make your final decision. Each piece is handmade from the highest quality materials.

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