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Retina-pendants with the retina of your loved one – a really special gift




Retina-pendants as a way to express your individuality


We create your personal pendant using your own retina or the one of your favorite person (or an artistic combination of both) visible on your pendant.

This handmade piece of jewelry will exist only once in the world due to the individuality of the retina itself.

Wear your family always with you- visible for others but encoded. Who doesnt know the background will see just a beautiful pendant with an interesting organic pattern on the watch blade.

This could be the best present ever for your loved one. Have your own retina imprinted on your partner’s pendant. And watch closely how he reacts once he finds out what this is all about. We guarantee a unique experience!

A Retina®Pendant contains an emotional and almost intimate component which will definitely impress the gifted one as once told about the nature of the underlying pattern, it becomes clear this is a piece of beauty far off mainstream.

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