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Retina®-Rings !

The ultimate personal symbols of love

The Eye – Window To The Soul

Because of the underlying individuality and uniqueness of our retina, a Retina®Ring always emotionally fits to just a single person in this world. It makes no sense to anyone else than to the person for whom we designed it. Only you, the ring wearer, can decode the pattern.

Like a key to a lock in the window of your partner’s soul.

Retina-Rings with classic & inverted pattern

Partner rings of timeless beauty in many variations


Retina®Rings can be manufactured in many ways in order to fit your personal style and expectations. Depending on the chosen style, it may not be easy for you to imagine how the final ring will look like. No need to worry –  we will provide you with a customized photorealistic 3D-video animation of your ring designs. This makes it impressively easy to examine your ring in detail before you make your final decision. Please find examples of finished rings below.


Code style

Each ring carries two retina segments. The classic code idea is to have both eyes of your partner immortalized on your ring. The romantic code idea combines one eye of each person onto the ring, which we will combine into one seamless pattern by making only minimal adaptations to your patterns.


Colors / materials

Platinum and white gold fits most skin colors and is bright and clear, with a beautiful contrast.

Yellow gold is the most classic color and is intense and much warmer as compared to platinum or white gold.

Red gold can look stunning but is at the same time the most decent color, as it is closest to a rose-skin tone.

We recommend to make your final decision only after you have tried rings on your fingers.



Clearly, a broader ring allows for more pattern to be visible, therefore an 8 mm width has become the most wanted ring equally for men and women. Some men tend to width up to 10 mm, whereas some women prefer more decent rings down to 5 mm.



The classic ring comes with smooth and parallel edges.

In a visually more handcraft-style, irregular edges can look fantastic and homogenous together with the organic lining. Still decent but visibly not straight can make your ring appear even more natural and modern.



Plastic appearance

The classical design has the pattern slightly elevated as shiny vessels on matt background. In this way we achieve a wonderful shiny/matt contrast, making the pattern literally stand out.

The inverted pattern is engraved and darker, so you get a light/dark contrast instead of a shiny/matt appearance, which makes very thin lines extremely well visible.

Retina-Rings with classic pattern

  • RetinaRinge-individuelle-Eherringe-Platin-1Brillant
    RetinaRinge Platin mit unregelmässigen Rändern und 1 Brillant

Retina-Rings with inverted pattern

  • retinaringe-platin-brillant-nichtgeschwaerzt-invertiert-PL-s
    RetinaRinge Platin mit Brillant, invertiert und nicht geschwärzt

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