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Retina® tie pins with your partner’s retina – a very special gift


Retina® tie pins with your partner’s retina – a very special gift


Always carry your family with you – e.g. as a tie pin with your wife’s or your children’s retina. A beautiful pattern that guarantees uniqueness and hides a beautiful secret – not everyone needs to know what is behind this code.

Retina® jewelry is perfect as an impressive Christmas or wedding anniversary gift. Due to the organic shape of the pattern, they are extremely aesthetically attractive and will therefore make the recipient happy simply because of their appearance, without you having to explain the background of the pattern.

When you then reveal the secret that lies beneath the surface of each Retina® jewel, the emotional and deeply personal component is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

A special gift far away from the mainstream that shows that you really care about the recipient.



Retina tie pins as an expression of your personal individuality


Retina tie pins are made of all precious metals: gold (yellow gold, rose gold, white gold), platinum and silver. Each tie pin is first designed individually for you and only made once by hand after your approval of the CAD design. Therefore, your retina tie clip is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind and thrives on the idea hidden beneath the surface.

Whether it’s your own retina or that of someone close to you – the organic pattern captivates everyone. You will definitely be asked about it. Whether you then reveal this secret is up to you.

Another interesting option is to create a retina tie clip with 2 retinas from different people who are close to you – e.g. one from your partner and one from yourself or your child. How to create an invisible connection to your loved ones by choosing the retina pattern for your tie pin. In any case, the organic pattern fascinates everyone – you will definitely be asked about it.

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