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Worldwide the only watch containing your retina pattern

Collection PUE001 (Private Ultralimited Edition)

Much better than limited editions: Our watches are not 1 out of 1000 but 1 out of 1!

While we work hard on all the different details to deliver to you not only a beautiful but also technically perfect automatic Swiss made wrist watch, our focus is clearly  on the watch blade, which carries the unique and important personal message. And which looks stunning for each and every customer, at the same time never slightly the same.

Our watches contain the retina pattern of yourself or your loved one (or a combination of both) and hence it is impossible that there will ever be a second watch of the same style, because our retina is even more individual as a fingerprint – a pattern laid down before we were born, which accompanies us through all our life and does not look the same in any other human.

Wear your family always with you- visible for others but encoded. Whoever does not know the story how the pattern was created, will see just a beautiful watch with an interesting organic pattern on the dial. But only you know the nature of this code.

This could be the best present ever for your loved one. Have your own retina imprinted on your partner’s dial. And watch closely how he/she reacts once they find out what this is all about. We guarantee a unique experience!

Our Swiss Made watches contains an emotional and almost intimate component which will definitely impress the gifted one as once told about the nature of the underlying pattern, it becomes clear this is a piece of beauty far off mainstream.

This handcrafted Swiss watch of outstanding beauty certainly is an impressive and emotional present with an ultra exclusive character.

  • Design your own watch2
    Design your own watch !

Express your individuality

A retina-containing watch is a unique piece of jewelry and is made in Switzerland according to your individual wishes. We offer various design styles depending on your taste and would be delighted to show you our dial / case / strap styles in our shop.

A watch that we guarantee that it will create interesting conversations.

Contact us now to discuss your personal preferences!

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