What is Retina-Art ?


Retina-Art is a novel concept, creating a new kind of language.

A language without words, but instead using organic patterns:


Designed by nature,

formed before our birth,

unaltered throughout our lives.


This pattern is as unique as a fingerprint.

This pattern mesmerizes by its pure organic beauty.

This pattern is – Your Retina.

It turns your inner beauty into tangible art:

The art is You.

The retina is a structure hidden in the back of your eye, also known as the window to your soul.



“Aesthetics is the language of feelings”

Marty Neumeier



” The team of RetinaJewelry has created a lasting symbol of our love that will survive us by many decades – serving as an eternal proof not only of our existence but more importantly, our emotional connection”

Chris D.


The RetinaJewelry principle explained in 90 seconds

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